Our Facilities

Aquatics Down Under invested significantly in its recently relocated purpose built facilities, making it one of the best in Sydney.

These new facilities allow the Aquatics Down Under team to provide the best training possible.

Mel and Neil, the owners, spent many hours designing the best use of space – visiting multiple swim schools in Australia and overseas as well as consulting many industry experts.

The Pool

The pool is edged beautifully by Spanish ceramic tiles and holds 166,000 liters of water.

The area of the pool is 17.5m x 7m edge to edge including 2 teaching ledges. These teaching ledges are 1m wide and 25cm under the water, they were built specifically to fit around the existing pylons without losing valuable pool space.
The pool depth ranges from 1.1m – 1.3m to allow for deep water experience, comfort for teachers and parents, in parent and baby classes, and aqua classes.

The water is heated to 32 degrees whilst the air is temperature controlled to 24 degrees providing a comfortable environment for parents and swimmers.

A non-slip yellow line surrounds the pool similar to a train station platform. The students must stay behind line until invited to enter the water by their teacher. This is the first step in creating a safer water environment and encouraging parents to actively supervise.

The Changing Village

The Changing Village was designed to be a unisex change space, the area consists of

  • 2 toilets
  • 5 private change cubicles
  • 1 disabled toilet
  • 7 baby change stations
  • 14 storage cubicles to hold swim bags to free up on deck seating
  • Village showers with hot water for wash down before and after being in the pool